Transformation Happens around the Table, one Table at a Time

John Maxwell talks about greatness coming from being bigger on the inside than on the outside. Values are what it takes to be bigger on the inside and these Transformation Tables will address 6 foundational values: Hope, Listening, Valuing Every Person, Integrity, Forgiveness, and Multiplication. Transformation Tables meet for one hour a week over a six-week period of time.

What to expect in Transformation Tables

Transformation Tables can be done any time, on any day. Each table lasts 1 hour each week for six weeks. Each table session includes the following sections: Action Step Review, Insight, Benefits, Steps to follow, Reflect and Respond, and Evaluation and Action. The group will read the material together, share key insights, take time for self-reflection, and commit to an action step. As participants take small steps each week consistency compounds, and life change is experienced.

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Facilitate Transformation Tables

Invite 8-10 people to join you at the table as you dive into learning and living good values. As the facilitator, when you bring a group together you will be a catalyst for positive change, and because it is a peer-to-peer model, you will not be expected to teach, coach, or prepare. You’ll simply manage the details and model what it looks like to be an authentic participant.

Lead A Table

The Change Your World Journey


Take the Assessment

Evaluate your personal values and take a step towards greater self-awareness.


Start a Table

Gather with like-minded leaders to learn and live out good values.


Take Action

Create and share your own plan to Change Your World.

John and Rob team up to Change Your World

Transformation is a buzz word, but few know how to define it, much less effect it. John and Rob have led transformational efforts in communities all over the world! They have a track record that shows results in the lives of students and adults across all streams of influence. They are offering to walk with you and me, as we determine what we can do to make a positive difference wherever we are. Please join us on the journey!

Table Participants

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